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Annotation of the Master's Degree Program

Physical Education and Sport


The education in the Master's Degree Program Physical Education and Sport is aimed to improve the acquired basic knowledge and skills, to expand professional competences, to provide higher quality in work management, methodic and practice of physical education and sport. Priority in subject`s selection is the scientific approach in discussing the issues of physical education, in studying the main pedagogical problems and the implementation of the results obtained in practice. Activities included in the curriculum are aimed at providing prerequisites for transition to the doctoral educational and scientific degree.

The main goal of education is to encourage students personal activity and autonomy. At the end of their studies in this Master's Program specialists will have been acquiring an interdisciplinary and specialized preparation

Knowledge about philosophical and socio-pedagogical aspects of physical education and sport.

Specialized knowledge about specific subjects of physical education and sport.

Advanced knowledge about age anatomy, physiology, sports medicine and psychology.

Excellent knowledge about the State Educational Standards for Physical Education and Sport for different grades and stages of education.

Ability to apply modern didactic approaches in physical education teaching.

Skills to develop projects and conduct research with students.


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