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Doctoral degree





Professional field 7.6. Sports
- Doctoral program "Theory and methodology of sports science";
- Doctoral program "Sports Psychology".

Professional field 1.3. Pedagogy of teaching in
- Doctoral program "Physical Education in the Education System".

Professional field 7.4. Public Health
- Doctoral program "Kinesitherapy".

Professional field 7.5. Health Care
- Doctoral program "Wellness - health promotion".

The duration and fees of the training of Ph.D. students:

1. Regular form of study - three years in Bulgarian 3200 EUR, in English 4000 EUR

2. Part-time study - four years in Bulgarian 2000 EUR, in English 2500 EUR

- 3200 Euros preparation year in Bulgarian language


To apply for a Doctoral degree in NSA Vassil Levski, the applicants which are from universities in other countries, have to submit the following documents for recognition of their foreign diploma(s):

1. Application form for recognition of higher education acquired in a foreign university;

2. The original and 1 copy of the Diploma of higher education Bachelors and Masters degree. (If there are any supplements, they also should be presented and translated). The diploma of the applicant must be translated into Bulgarian language and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria under their Rules of legalization;

3. Language proficiency document (English or Bulgarians issued by authorized educational institutions (Candidates for training in Doctoral degree stated choice of language training at the time of submission of application documents).

4. Medical document, stating that the person is clinically healthy (translated into Bulgarian language);

5. Document for payment of an administrative fee:
- 80 EUR for EU and EEA citizens;
- 100 EUR for non-EU and EEA citizens

Documents from 1 to 5 should be submitted to the Commission of Recognition of foreign diplomas of Candidates of Training at NSA Vassil Levski

After receiving a certificate for a recognized Master's degree from the Commission for Recognition of Foreign Diplomas of Candidates for Training at NSA "Vasil Levski", the candidate submits an application form to the Rector of NSA "Vasil Levski", to which he attaches:

1. Certificate of recognized master's degree;
2. Documents from 1 to 4;
3. CV;
4. Document for paid administrative fee - 50 EUR

Account holders name: National Sports Academy Vassil Levski

IBAN: BG83BNBG96613100175101


Address: Sofia 1700, Studentski grad

For more information:
Academic Staff Development Center, office 403, Studentski grad, NSA "Vasil Levski".

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