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Masters degree program "SPORTS MANAGEMENT"

Program duration 1 year



The contents of the curriculum, as well as the qualification characteristics of the masters program are in close relation to the educational aims of the fundamental sport preparation. This is required by the development of sport, that requires not only high qualified sport coaches and teachers, but also Sport Managers.

Scope of the knowledge, skills and competencies:

         The basics of sport management, the principles and methods in managing a national system of sport and physical education.

         The nature and technology of application of the sport marketing.

         The legislative and regulatory system of the System of sport and physical education in Bulgaria and Europe.

         Sport economics.

         Application of sociological methods and approaches in the management of sport

         Specifics of the development of programs and projects in sport and sport communication

         European model of sport, etc.

Possibilities for professional realization

         In the professional sport as a manager of professional sport club, national sport governing bodies, sport marketing, advertising, PR, etc.

         In the amateur sport as a manager of social programs.

         In local authorities as managers of activities for improvement of the physical activity and active recreation of the local community.

         In the business with sport services, leisure and fitness services.

         As managers of sport facilities.

         In advertising and marketing agencies.

         In the organization, administration and management of large sport events.

         In social bodies and structures for people with special needs or groups in risk.

Application requirements

         The masters program is intended for students, that have already completed a four year bachelor or a masters program.

Program Director

prof. Biser Tsolov, Dsc

Work.: +359 2 4014 235


Program Coordinator:

Associated prof. Ivan Slavchev, PhD

Work: +359 2 4014 398



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