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Prof. Mihail Bachvarov

Professor Mihail Bachvarov

Doctor of the pedagogical sciencesМихаил Бъчваров

Born on the 29th of December 1935 in Iambol

Lecturer in the "Track-and-field athletics" department in the periods of 1960-1966 and later 1980-2002. Head of the department from 1995 till 1998. Deserved master of the sport. 15 times Balkan champion and record-holder in the sprint and hurdle-races. Deserved coach. Trained 12 masters of the sport, 123 republican champions and 7 record-holders. Scientific leader in 9 defended doctorates. Has over 200 scientific publications, inlcuding 12 scientific books and 10 popular science books.
Awarded with the order of "Stara Planina" second class, "People`s labour order"- bronze, silver and gold, the order of BSFS "Sports glory", Jubilee medal "1300 years Bulgaria".


  1. 1953 - highschool education in Iambol;
  2. 1955 - speciality "radio", Telegraph-post institute in Sofia.
  3. 1959 - speciality "Physical education teacher", Higher institute of physical culture "Georgi Dimitrov", Sofia;
  4. 1993 - speciality "Football", The National Sports Academy "Vassil Levski", София.

Scientific degrees, academic and professional sports titles and other awards:

  1. 1971 - Ph.D., Central National scientific and research institute of physical culture, Moscow;
  2. 1987 - D.Sc., Higher institute of physical culture "Georgi Dimitrov", Sofia
  3. 1978 - Associate professor, Track-and-field athletics, Higher Minning and Geology Institute, Sofia;
  4. 1980 - Associate professor, Track-and-field athletics , Higher institute of physical culture "Georgi Dimitrov", Sofia;
  5. 1989 - Professor in the field of sports, Higher institute of physical culture "Georgi Dimitrov", Sofia;
  6. 1960 - deserved master of the sport - track-and-field athletics, Bulgarian Union for Physical Culture and Sports, Sofia;
  7. 1986 - deserved coach of Bulgaria, Bulgarian Union of Physical Culture and Sports, Sofia;
  8. 1976-1984 -Awarded with bronze, silver and gold order for scientific and practical contributions in the Olympic training process;
  9. 1994 - awarded with the second class of the "Stara Planina" order for contributions to the training of the national football team for the World Championship in 1994.

Professional experience in the field of sports:

  1. 1960 - 1966 - assistant in the Higher institute of physical culture "Georgi Dimitrov", Sofia;
  2. 1966 - 1980 - chief lecturer, associate professor in the Higher Minning and Geology Institute, Sofia;
  3. 1972 - 1986 - vice-director of the Center for scientic research of the bulgarian Olympic and National teams by type of sport, Bulgarian Union for Physical Culture and Sports, building of 15 sports laboratories on the territory of the center in Dianabad and 12 sports laboratories in the country; Sofia;
  4. 1980 - 2002 - lecturer - Associate professor in the National Sports Academy "Vassil Levski", Sofia;
  5. 1964-1971 - National sprint coach on 100 and 200 metres and 4x100 metres relay-race,

Bulgarian track-and-field athletics federation

  1. 1982-1986 - National coach on sprint, 400 metres hurdle-races and 4x400 relay-races, Bulgarian track-and-field athletics federation;
  2. 1994 - Physical condition coach and programming of the training of the bulgarian national team who won the bronze medal with the 4th place in the World Football Championship in USA 1994;
  3. 1953-1968 - track-and-field athetics sportsmas, numerous times National and Balkan record-holder in sprint, international successes and largescale tournaments.

Scientific production:

  1. Monographies - nine ( 6 as аn independant author, 2 as a leading author and 1 as a co-author), in the field of theory and methods of the track-and-field athletics- 6, in the field of scientific control in sports - 3;
  2. Books and textbooks- 14 ( 8 as аn independant author,4 as the leading author and 2 as a co-author) in the field of theory and methods of the track-and-field athletiks, condtitioning training in football, biomechanics of the track-and-field athletics, scientific control in sports, methodology in sports, education and qualification in sports.
  3. Popular publications - 3 concerning the early age sport eduction and practical uses of different sports;
  4. Scientific and scientific-methods articles : over 120 (including 3 as co-author and independant author of the rest).
  5. Foreing publications: 1 football book (Greece, 1996), 11 scientific articles in scientific journals and manuals (Berlin - 1961, 1968 Moscow - 1961, 1968, 1976, Tblilisi - 1978, Leipzig - 1984, Prague - 1985, Warsaw - 1985)

Participation in scientific conferences and simposia with scientific reports:

  1. Congress of the european track-and-field athletics coaches - Brno, 1968
  2. World biomechanics symposium, Tblisisi, 1978
  3. VII International Biomechanics Congress (Co-author), Nagoia, 1981
  4. International biomechanics symposium, Leipzig, 1984
  5. Internatinoal scientific congress on the problems of sports, Warsaw, 1985
  6. International scientific confrerence of the Italian Olypmpic Committee, Rome, 1986
  7. International conference of sports science, Sofia, 1986 and many others within the boundaries of the country.

Important events of contribution to the scientific knowledge of sports:

  1. Substantiation of the theory of specialized diversity, as a methodological basis for an efficient selection, education, improving and control in sports (1887); the first monography in the world is published on the problem; 3 doctorates based on the theory are defended in the field of sprint and hurdle-races and handball;3 other doctorates were partialy based on the same theory;
  2. Elaboration and introducing into the practice of the scientific-applied sports sections in Bulgaria the tensometrical, contact, accelerometrical, seismometrical methods for ergometry of the speed-strenght abilities of basketball players, wrestler, bicyclists, archers, football players and others (1972-1986);
  3. Recording the first electromiographical recording during sprints with conditional task for a change in the technique of the sprint movements in order to objectify the neuro-muscle coordination relations (Moscow, 1967-1968);
  4. Tensometrical and electromiographical laboratory experiments for objectifying the kinetics and fuctional changes in the muscles of the rear side of the thigh concerning their predisposition to traumas or incompleted trauma healing (1966-1970);
  5. Scientific substantiation with a sports experiment (1959) and tensometrical research (1972, 1977, for the first time in the world the effect of kinematic reflexion (low jumping, starting from higher point) in the long jumping, high jumping and shot-putting (by the way dishonestly borrowед by a german (H.Tum) and a italian (S.Zenon) in the later years, a during 2002 - from two russians) as a way of efficiantly improving sports results;
  6. Elaboration and substantiation of the modeling and dual-hierarchy approach as method of knowledge, planning and control in the field of track-and-field athetics (1976, 1984, 1986, 1987) and sports in general;
  7. Formulating new laws in the field of sports training (1996) for a unity and contreversy between the components of pressure, psyche and physical expression, optimal expression of the trained abilities .etc;
  8. Buiding a new classification of the football exercises on the basis of their informativity and suggesting a technology for planning the training (1996);
  9. Elaboration and writing of the first book in the world for a united sports science - Sportology (scientific article - 1995, monographical work - 2000 and 2003)
  10. Elaboration of the first sportology interpretation dictionary for the needs of sporologists (coaches, teachers, instructors, specialists from common theoretical disciplines) and people who practice sports for fun, leisure and health (2002 and 2005);


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