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Prof. Ivan Staikov

Prof. Ivan Staikov
(1926 - 2003)
A legend of the
National Sports Academy

Full Prof. Ivan Kostadinov Staikov
Born on 24.10.1924



Secondary education in Kazanlak


Free University in Sofia


Higher institute for physical culture "Georgi Dimitrov", subject "ski"


Bulgarian, Russian, German

Professional experience 

VIF "Georgi Dimitrov"

1951 -1954

Assistant in the "Ski" department

1954 -1965

A Deputy Chief of "Ski, cycling, motoring and motor cycling" department

1965 in "Ski, cycling, motoring and motor cycling" department

1965 -1973

Head of "Ski, cycling, motoring and motor cycling" department

1966 -1968

Vice-rector of VIF "G.Dimitrov"


Rector of VIF "G.Dimitrov"

1976 -1993

Professor in "Winter sports" department

1999 – 2000

Guest-lecturer in "Water sports" department

Youth and sports committee to the Council of ministers

1972 -1975

Vice-president of KMS and Director of the United center for science and preparation of staff for the physical culture and sport

1972 -1976

Member of the Board Council of AISEP, Ministry of public education (MNP)

1978 – 1988

Head of the direction "Physical culture, sports equipment, tourism and sport camps" to the Council for higher education of MNP

 Bulgarian union for physical culture and sport

1947 -1954

National ski player


Participant in the Winter Olympic Games in Oslo

1957 -1964

Coach of the national women ski-running team

1958 -1965

President of SK "VIF" and member of the board of SFD "Academic"

1960 -1964

Vice-president of BF ski, member of the North disciplines committee of FIS

1965 -1969

Vice-president of BF cycling

1970 – 1975

Member of the Board of BSFS

1976 -1988

Secretary of the Committee for "Universiada'77 and '83"


Member of FISU


President of BF ski

1993 -1996

President of BF water-skiing


General Secretary of BF water-skiing

Scientific work and publications


Member of the Academic Council of VIF

1968 – 1977

Member of the Scientific council of TMFKS to VAK

1972 -1976

Member of the Scientific council for staff preparation of SIEPS to UNESCO

1953 -1955

Member of the editorial staff of "VFK" magazine

1962 -1967

Member of the editorial staff of "News in sport" magazine


Chairman of the editorial staff of "Scientific works of VIF"

1956 – 2003

Author of more than 70 books, textbooks, programs, articles and scientific publications, which helped the development of the physical culture and sport in Bulgaria and the world. Participated with reports in international scientific conferences, symposiums and others. Scientific adviser of many graduate and post-graduate students.


  1. Master of ski sports, Honoured coach. Honoured worker of physical culture
  2. "Special merit" medal - gold of BFSF - 3 times
  3. "Special merit" medal - gold of BOC
  4. Honorary sign I class - gold of KMS to MS
  5. Jubilee medals of the Republic of Bulgaria - 3 times
  6. The Gold Medal of Labour
  7. "The Red Flag of Labour" medal
  8. "People's Republic of Bulgaria" order- I class
  9. Outstanding worker of MNP
  10. Medals of honour of SFD "Academic"
  11. Signs of honour of FISU
  12. First winner of the "Golden badge" of "Akademica-2000" Ltd.
  13. Medals for National ski-running and north combination champion and medals from international competitions in USSR, Romania, Czechoslovakia
  14. Many honorary diplomas, certificates, plates for great achievements in the areas of the physical culture and sports from IOC, FIS, FISU, BOC, MNP-MON, BSFS, KMS-MMS, Bulgarian Sport Federations, VIF-NSA, DFS-SK and others.
  15. Honorary citizen of Kazanlak.

Dies on 6 April 2003 in Sofia.

On 2 December 2003 the General Meeting elected Prof. Ivan Staikov for Honorary Rector of the National Sports Academy "Vasil Levski".

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