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Medical service

 The NSA Medical Service has:

  1. Two G P consulting rooms
  2. A surgery
  3. A dental surgery
  4. Physiotherapy

 There are also surgeries at:

  1. The Prof. Iv. Staykov Training Base in Vitosha Mountain
  2. The Water Sports Training Base in Nessebar
  3. The Madara swimming pool
  4. Maliovitsa Central Mountaineering School

The physiotherapy surgery is supplied with modern electro-, photo-, HF, radar and LAZER therapy equipment.

Medical Staff

  1. Two doctors at the NSA
  2. One GP at the Medical Service
  3. Two nurses
  4. One rehabilitation therapist
  5. Two dentists


Dr. Konstantin Gugushev,
Head of the Medical Service at the V. Levski NSA

Code 2216111007, Mobile +359899853832, tel: +3592 4014 377

Specialist in:

  1. Surgery
  2. Manual therapy
  3. Rehabilitation
  4. Pain relieving therapy


Dr. Gugushev, is a specialist in the following areas:

1. General medical practice
2. General and sports traumatology
3. Sports medicine tests, consultations and medical examinations
4. Rehabilitation, manual therapy and massage
5. Pain relieving therapy
6. Medical service at local and international competitions
7. Medical service at the winter and water sports training courses, mountaineering, sports orienteering and hiking training courses for the NSA students
8. Reads lectures and gives examinations on
- Emergency states and diseases in high altitude conditions
- First Aid and Reanimation in cases of water accidents and drowning
9. Participates in scientific conferences and congresses with her own report and as a member of a team of researchers
10. Oversees the overall therapeutic and preventive activities on the V. Levski NSA premises as well as the dental and physiotherapy surgeries.



Dr. Rumen Belberov

Medical examinations, surgery, acupuncture and acupressure, rehabilitation, sports medicine consultations

Mobile: +359888 43 29 34
tel: +3592 4014 377

Dental Surgery

Dr. Daniela Petkova
Dentist at the NSA

Dental prevention, therapy, surgery and orthopedics
Assisted by Liliana Petrova, dental nurse

Work Hours: 8 a.m. 1 p.m.

Dr. Magdalena Stefanova

A free lance dentist
Work Hours: 1.30 p.m. 7.00 p.m.

Dr. Nenkova

Dr. Nelly Stoichkova Nenkova

Code 2216111509
Tel. 9620458/377 GSM 0889449762; 0887431873

1. General medical practice on the V. Levski NSA premises
Specialist in internal diseases, works by contract with the National Health Insurance
2. Medical service at sports events


In the NSA Medical Service



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