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Associate Professor Hristo Andonov, Ph.D.

Faculty of Sport
Deapartment of Theory of Sport Training
Theory and methods of sport training
Phone: +359 2 4014 304

Work Experience

NSA Vasil Levski

  • from January 2024 - Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs
  • 2020 -2024 Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Sport
    Controls and coordinates the overall organization and conduct of the educational process and sports activities. Monitors and supports the professional development of the academic staff and other personnel. Heads the credit transfer committee to the Faculty.
  • 2018 2020 Coordinator of the Master's Program Sport for High Achievements
    Coordinates and controls the educational process in the master's program.
  • since 2008 Lecturer in the Department of Sport Theory
    Conducts lectures and seminars on Theory and Methodology of Sports Training in Bachelor and Master degree programs and postgraduate courses.

Education and Training

  • 2003 Language High School 81 SOU Victor Hugo, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2003 - 2007 NSA Vasil Levski Bachelor in Rowing Coach and Physical Education Teacher
  • 2008 NSA Vasil Levski - Master in Sport-Rowing Coach

Academic Advancement

  • 2018 - Academic position: Associate Professor
  • 2012 - Educational and scientific degree Doctor, specialty Theory and Methodology of Physical Education and Sports Training (incl. Methodology of Therapeutic Physical Education),
  • 2012 - Academic position: Senior Assistant 
  • 2008 - Academic position: Assistant

Social Skills and Competences

Responsibility in performing duties, communicativeness, and social engagement. Effective teamwork, excellent communication skills.

Organizational Skills and Competences

  • Leadership qualities and skills, effective teamwork, high level of personal responsibility. Excellent performance in stress and tension situations. Skills in conflict resolution and crisis management.
  • Ability to make independent decisions. Experience and skills in coordination, management, and administration of activities in the field of higher education and sports.

Additional Information

  • Member of the Expert Council on Academic Affairs at NSA
  • Member of the program council of the master's program Sport for High Achievements
  • Member of FIEPS
  • Member of the Olympic Preparation Commission at the Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • Member of the Academic Council of NSA
  • Member of the Bulgarian Red Cross
  • Water Rescue Instructor

Publication Activity:

Over 30 publications related to the theory and methodology of sports training, monographic work, textbook, and teaching aids. Scientific supervisor in Ph.D. programs 

Project Activity:

Leader and participant in international scientific and educational projects, as well as national projects funded by NSA, Ministry of Youth and Sports, etc.