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Full Prof. Kiril Andonov, D.Sc.

Faculty of Public Health, Health Care and Tourism
Artistic Gymnastics
Stud. grad: (02) 4014(306) / room 302, 385

Education and career

Day and place of birth: 04. 08 1954 г. в гр. Кюстендил.

Vice-Rector of International and Economic Activities and Public Relations

He started his sports career in 1961 and till 1978 was an active competitor at the ‘Minior’ Sports Club, the CSKA Club and the Akademik Club, Sofia;
1982, appointed as Assistant Professor at the Gymnastics Department at the ‘G. Dimitrov’ Higher Institute of Physical Culture, by an academic competition;
1985, promoted to Senior Assistant Professor and started working on his dissertation;
1987, promoted to Head Assistant Professor;
1988, defended his Doctor’s thesis successfully and was promoted to Associate Professor by the Higher Attestation Committee;
1997, elected as President of The Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation which function he served till 2000. During his term of office, the Gymnastics National Men’s Team won 6 Olympic visas and Yordan Yovchev won two bronze medals at Sidney Olympic Games, 2000;
1999, elected as Head of the Gymnastics Department which is hi current position.
Kiril Andonov is proficient in spoken and written Russian, Spanish and English .
He has lectured at several universities in Spain, Turkey, Greece, the Netherlands, Belgium and the USA.
As a lecturer at the International Gymnastics Federation, he managed and lectured at a number of international qualification courses for coaches from 1989 to 2003.
So far, he has published over 60 research books and articles in Bulgaria and abroad.
Since the beginning of his active teaching career at the NSA, he has been the director of studies of a great number of course and diploma works, two successful Ph.D. dissertations and four Ph.D. dissertations still in procedure.
He is due to defend his D.Sc. thesis at the Specialized Scientific Council in immediate future

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