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Prof. Ognyan Miladinov, D.Sc.

Faculty of Pedagogy
Deapartment of Track-and-field Athletics
Track-and-field athletics
Phone: +359 2 4014 358

Work Experience

NSA Vassil Levski

  • from 17.01.2024 Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs
  • 2016-2023 - Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy
    Leads the overall activities of the faculty. Coordinates and controls the educational process in the specialties "Pedagogy of Physical Education Training" in Bachelor's degree, "Physical Education and Sports" and "Youth Activities and Sports" in Master's degree, and in the doctoral program "Physical Education in the Educational System".
  • From 2015 - Head of the Center for Distance and E-Learning (CDEL)
    Organizes the activities of the center in creating conditions for conducting training in accredited distance learning specialties master's programs "Sports Management", "Youth Activities and Sports" and "Sports, Fitness, Health", as well as supporting the educational process in all other specialties at the Academy through the platform for distance learning Google for Education.
  • 2008 2015 Deputy Head for Scientific Activities in the Department of Track and Field Athletics
    Organizes research activities. Organizes the international scientific conference "Track and Field and Science".
  • from 1987 Lecturer in the Department of Track and Field Athletics
    Conducts lectures and seminars on technique, rules, teaching methodology, training methodology, research work, and control in track and field.
  • 1989 2010 - Coach at the track and field club KLASA at NSA Vassil Levski
    Conducts the training process with athletes in track and field jumps. Achievements as a coach: bronze medal from the European Championship for senior girls (1995), gold medal from the Balkan Championship for men (2008), national record in the triple jump for girls (1993), a large number of medals from national championships.
  • 1972 1988 Competitor in track and field
    Master of sport. Medalist from national championships in long jump discipline.

Education and Training

  • 1977 1981 Mathematical High School, Blagoevgrad.
  • 1983 1984 NSA Vasil Levski - Master's degree
  • 1984 1987 University of Sports (GCOLIFK), Moscow - Master's degree
  • Coach in track and field athletics, Physical Education Teacher

Academic Career

  • 1987 Assistant at the Department of Track and Field Athletics
  • 1995 - Educational and scientific degree "Doctor", specialty "Theory and Methodology of Physical Education and Sports Training (incl. Methodology of Therapeutic Physical Culture)", topic of the dissertation: "Kinematic-dynamic components of the technique a prerequisite for the improvement of the speed-strength preparation in long jump".
  • 1995 Academic position: Senior Assistant
  • 2003 - Academic position: Associate Professor
  • 2008 - Scientific degree: "Doctor of Sciences", topic of the dissertation "Regularities and individual peculiarities in the technique of horizontal track-and-field jumps".
  • 2012 - Academic position: Professor

Social Skills and Competences

Responsibility in performing official duties, communication skills, and social commitment.

Organizational Skills and Competences

Teamwork, communication skills, personal responsibility. Experience in coordinating and managing activities in the field of higher education.

Additional Information

  • 2008 2023 - Member of the Expert Council for Science at NSA Vassil Levski.
  • 2016 2023 -Member of the Expert Council for Education at NSA Vassil Levski.
  • From 2016 - Member of the Program Council of the Master's program Physical Education and Sports.
  • 2016 2023- Chairman of the Council for awarding professional-qualification degrees to teachers.


  • Author of 2 monographs, 2 books, 4 textbooks, 4 study aids, 2 methodological guides, 3 curriculums.
  • Author of over 70 scientific publications in the field of sports and physical education.
  • Participant in many national and international scientific conferences and competitions. Winner of the third prize from the European Competition for Research in track-and-field athletics (2004). 
  • Cited in over 100 scientific publications, incl. in indexed editions and journals with impact factor.

Project Activities:

Leader and participant in numerous national scientific and educational projects, organized by NSA Vassil Levski, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Youth and Sports, etc.

Chief Editor of:

Journal Track-and-Field Athletics and Science 2008 - 2020.

Member of Editorial Boards:

  1. Journal Track-and-Field Athletics and Science ISSN 2603-4263 from 2021.
  2. Journal Applied Sports Sciences, ISSN: 2534-9597 (print), ISSN: 2535-0145 (online) from 2017.
  3. Yearbook of NSA Vassil Levski, Scientific Publishing House NSA PRESS, ISSN 2682-9908 from 2019.