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Full Prof. Marin Gadev, D.Sc.

Faculty of Pedagogy
Track-and-field athletics
Track-and-field athletics
Stud. grad: (02) 4014(291, 293)
Mobile: 0892 29 97 29

Lecturer at the Athletics Department at the NSA in Sofia;
1985, graduated from G. Dimitrov Higher Institute of Physical Culture (the NSA) M.A. in athletics coaching and physical education;
1986 1989, a post-graduation Ph.D. student at the Athletics Department.
Qualifications and scientific titles:
1996, defended his Doctors thesis;
1999, elected as Associate Professor in Theory and Methods of Sports Training and Physical Education in Athletics;
Additional qualifications:
1997 a football teacher-coach
1999 a football coach, B License

Coaching experience:
Athletics Coach
1989 -1991 Coach at KLASA, CSKA and the Sprint and Hurdling Unit at the Bulgarian Athletics Federation of 19 National and 2 Balkan Champions.

Conditioning Coach
1986 1990, The National Table Tennis Team (European champion title of D. Gergelcheva and the team was placed 3 4 at the European Super-League and participated in the Seoul Olympic Games, 1988)
1992 1993, The National Badminton Team (D. Filipova placed 5th at the European Cup Championships and participated in the Barcelona Olympic Games, 1993)
1994 1997, Levski PFC, Kiustendil
1997 1998, Minior PFC, Pernik
1999 , the Childrens Junior School at CSKA PFC, Sofia

Science interests and publications:
Author of 3 books and over 5o research publications in the field of sprinting, speed and conditioning in football and other sports

Languages: spoken and written Russian and spoken German

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