Full Prof. Krasimir Petkov, D.Sc.

Faculty of Sport
Heavy athletics, boxing, fencing and sport for all
Stud. grad: (02) 4014(333, 260)
Mobile: 0896-77-66-01

Education and career

  1. Central Sports High School Olimpiiski nadejdi in Sofia ;
  2. University education NSA (National Sports Academy) V.Levski /before: Higher Institute of Physical Education G. Dimitrov/.
  3. Lecturer and trainer of rapier, sword and sabre.

Pedagogical activity

  1. Implementing in the sector in form of lectures and practical exercises, according to last tendencies for development of the sports fencing.
  2. The study programs for specialists are worked out according to present requirements to the sports science. General assignment of the fencing sector is the training of high qualified specialists in the field of fencing.
  3. The training of specialists includes educational degrees: bachelor, master and doctor.

Sports activity

  1. - Goes into training for fencer in 1976 year at CSKA (Central Sports Club of the Army)- Sofia
  2. - Individual champion on rapier for men in Bulgaria in 1987 and 1989 year,
  3. 10 times team champion in different age groups with the teams of CSKA, Academic-Sofia and NSA.
  4. - National competitor from 1981 to 1994 year.
  5. - Medal-holder and prize-winner at great number of international tournaments.
  6. - Master of sports from 1986 year.

Trainer activity

  1. - Trainer at the Fencing club by the National Sports Academy.
  2. - Works with the three weapons: rapier, sworn and sabre.
  3. - As trainer in the NSA achieves the following results: more than 40 team and
  4. - Iindividual titles won from the NSA competitors at students competitions on rapier, sworn and sabre from 1989 to 2004 year.
  5. - Trainer of great number of national competitors on rapier and sworn.
  6. - More than 15 titles won from national competitions on the three weapons /men and women/ individual and team.
  7. - During last years the fencing club by the NSA became one of the leading clubs in Bulgaria
  8. - Trainer number 1 of Bulgaria for 2005 year.
  9. - Personal trainer of fencer number 1 on sword in Bulgaria medal-holder from World cup.

Science interests

  1. - Implementer of the first in Bulgaria demonstration of fencing for disabled persons and children with acoustic disabilities in 2002 year.
  2. - Development of the first program for training / lessons an fencing for disabled persons (on wheel-chairs) in 2004 year.
  3. - Development of a program for categorization of the trainers at Bulgarian Fencing Federation in 1999 year.
  4. - Participation in development of a great number of criteria for assessment of trainer and competitors at BFF.

Publications, books, guidances

  1. - Published textbook an fencing Fencing ; 1998 year Petkov, Keller.
  2. - Published textbook an fencing Fencing training and practice; 2001 year Petkov, Boyadjiev.
  3. - Author of more than 30 articles and publications in the field of fencing.
  4. - Participant at a great number of scientific conferences of the NSA and other universities.

- From 2002 to 2004 year a member of the Board of managers of the Bulgarian Fencing Federation.

- President of the Fencing club by the National Sports Academy from 1994 year.

- Member of the Department council of Trainer Department by the NSA from 2004 year.

- Member of the referee - association of the Bulgarian Fencing Federation from 2004 year.

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