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Full Prof. Giurka Gantcheva, Ph.D.

Faculty of Public Health, Health Care and Tourism
Rhythmic gymnastics
Stud. grad: (02) 4014(354)


Education and career

2018 Professor in Gymnastics Department, NSA Vassil Levski

2010 Associate Professor in Gymnastics Department, NSA Vassil Levski

2008 Defended thesis on topic: Research and Optimization of the Teaching Methods of Jumps in Rhythmic Gymnastics

Awarded an educational and scientific Ph. D. degree 05.07.05

1991 Chief Assistant in Gymnastics Department, NSA Vassil Levski

1988 Senior Assistant in Gymnastics Department, NSA Vassil Levski

1984 Assistantin Gymnastics Department, NSA Vassil Levski

1979-1984 P.E. teacher at V Primary School, the town of Kustendil and rhythmic gymnastics coach at sports club Velbuzd, the town of Kustendil

Language reading, speaking, writing (European Language Framework):

 French 2, Spanish 2, Turkish 2, English 2, Russian 2.

Pedagogical activity

Delivering lectures and doing scientific work in the field of rhythmic and aesthetic group gymnastics in the field of high performance sport and school physical education

Lecturer in rhythmic and aesthetic group gymnastics

Head of Rhythmic and Aesthetic Group Gymnastics at Gymnastics Department

Supervisor of students from Greece, Cyprus, Colombia, Vietnam, DRPK, Syria, Turkey.

Head of specializations of students and teachers from Cuba, China, Austria, France.

Supervisor of Ph.D. students from Bulgaria, China, Turkey.

Sport Experience

1968-1974 Member of the Bulgarian National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team

1973 V place at World Championship Rotterdam, Netherlands

1971 and 1973 Athlete  1 of the region of the town of Kustendil

1970 Awarded title Master of Sport


Coach and Judge

2012-2016 Member of the Scientific Committee of BRGF

2012-2016 Member of Consultancy Council of the Coaches Committee of BRGF

2001-2004 Expert Judge at FIG

1995-2004 Member of Judges Committee of BRFG

2000-2004 Judge at world and European championships


International activity  

Member of the international research team in the project CUA-S/001/2006 Federal University of Amazonia, the town of Manaus, Brazil

Guest-lecturer in Sports Science Department the University of Toledo, Spain

Lecturer during a coaches course at the Royal Gymnastics Federation, Belgium

Lecturer during a coaches course at the University of Murcia, Spain

Consultant of rhythmic gymnastics clubs in Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, China

Coach of J. Tang Kuin three-time champion of Belgium, participant in world and European championships

Lecturer during annual coaches seminars in the town of El Ferrol, Spain

Erasmus mobility for teaching France, Spain, Turkey, Colombia, Portugal.

Publications, textbooks, handbooks

Has over 120 scientific publications in the field of rhythmic gymnastics theory; has participated in national and international scientific conferences. Author of treatises, course books and handbooks.


1.     Jumps in rhythmic gymnastics (Theory and methods). IDK NSA PRESS. 2009.

2.     Rhythmic Gymnastics complexity and coordination. S. BOLID INS. 2017.   

3.     Rhythmic Gymnastics music and movements. S. BOLID INS. 2017.  

4.     Rhythmic Gymnastics historical aspects. S. BOLID INS. 2017.

5.     Rhythmic Gymnastics historical and contemporary aspects. S. BOLID INS. 2021.


Handbooks, textbooks, course books

1.    Terminology of the jumps in rhythmic gymnastics. IDK NSA PRESS. 2009. (in co-authorship with M. Hadjiiska).

2.    Specific exercises in rhythmic gymnastics balances, rotations, flexibilities. S. NSA PRESS. 2013.

3.    Rhythmic gymnastics sets of exercises for GPR (general physical training) and SPT (sports physical training). S. BOLID INS. 2016. (in co-authorship with V. Ganeva).

4.    Tests for control and evaluation of the physical preparation in rhythmic gymnastics. S. BOLID INS. 2017. (in co-authorship with V. Ivanova).

5.    Rhythmic gymnastics 60 years of science. Almanac in rhythmic gymnastics. S. NSA PRESS. 2017. (in co-authorship with M. Gateva).

6.    Almanac of Department Gymnastics 1942-2017. S NSA PRESS. 2017. (in co-authorship with V. Petrov et al).

7.    Rhythmic gymnastics rhythmical abilities. S. BOLID INS. 2017. (in co-authorship with E. Videv et al).

8.    Rhythmic gymnastics practical guide. S. BOLID INS. 2006, 2008, 2012, 2015, 2020. (in co-authorship with D. Velcheva, M. Gateva



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