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Chief assistant Radislav Atanasov, Ph.D.

Faculty of Sport
Technical and ice sports
Stud. grad: (02) 4014(284)
Ext.: (02) 856-57-27; 955-55-38
Mobile: 0888-787-640

Ass. Prof. Radislav Atanassov is in charge of the Chess Sector, chess master since 1980, education - a graduate of SU "Sv. Kliment Ohridski" since 1986, subject "Psychology", second subject "English Language". Before coming to NSA he teaches psychology and aesthetics in the French Language and English Language Schools. From October 1988 until present day he works as a chess assistant at the National Sports Academy (NSA). From March 2004 he is an International Chess Arbiter.

In 2001 he is a playing coach on the NSA team in Banya Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and became Balkan Students` champion aling with teammates: Dejan Bojkov, Milen Vasilev, Aleksi Yovchev.

In 2004 he is a deputy chief arbiter at the International Chess Festival in Istanbul with 300 participants, which was own by Dejan Bojkov - a master graduate at NSA, who finished ahead of 14 grandmasters and achieved his 1-st grandmaster`s norm.

More significant publications:

1995 - "Application of computers in chess", co-authorship with Krum Berovski - a lecture in from of the Annual Scientific Conference - May 23, 1995;

1996 - "Research of the possibilities for popularization of the chess game at school" - lecture in front of the Annual Scientific Conference, co-authorship with Iva Dragijska - May 23, 1996;

2001 - "Methods for organization of chess matches from distance in the Bulgarian army": in the symposium "Physical training and sports in the Bulgarian army", co-authorship with Kr. Laskarov.

2003 - "Chess manual", co-authorship with Zdravko Nedev, Rumen Angelov and Krum Berovsky.

At present he works in the field: Chess as an educational and educative instrument.

Home telephone/fax: 856-57-27; GSM: 0888-787640; e-mail:

Name: Atanasov, Radislav

Federation: BUL

Year of Award: 2004

Address: 1680 Sofia, k.Borovo, bl.220, v.E

City: Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel.fax: +3592-8565727; mob. +359-888-787640


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