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Full Prof. Rumjan Hristov, Ph.D.

Faculty of Public Health, Health Care and Tourism
Aquatic sports
Rowing, canoe/kayak and water skis
Stud. grad: (02) 4014(256)
Mobile: 0898 77 64 42


  1. Associated Professor, PhD
  2. Expert in the National Center for Sports and Health
  3. Consultant in Sports Training
  4. Coach in Rowing

Contact details


  1. 59 Shipcheski prohod str. Bl..262a, entr.6 ap.42, Sofia 1111 Bulgaria
  2. Tel +3592 9881511-263;283; mobil.+359888352217; home +3592715127
  3. E-mail:

Personal Details

Born on 18 July 1954 in Lom, Bulgaria. Married, with two children


  1. 1969 - 1973 studied (4 years) and graduated from the Technical School for Mechanics in Sofia.
  2. 1975 - 1977 studied (2 years) in the High Technical Institute in Sofia.
  3. 1978 1982 studied (5 years) and graduated from the High Institute of Physical Education and Sports in Sofia

Professional Career as Expert and Professor in Sports

  1. 1982 1984 sports expert in the Council of Higher Education Department in the Ministry of Education in Sofia
  2. From 1984 expert in the National Center for Sports and Health in Sofia and from 1998 to 2001 he held the position of Sports Departments Chef there
  3. 1989-1994 a part-time lecturer in the NSA Water Sports Department
  4. 1994-2000 - Assistant Professor in the NSA Water Sports Department
  5. From 2000 Associated Professor in the NSA Water Sports Department

Career in Rowing and Sports


  1. 1970-1982 athlete in rowing
  2. 1975-1980 athlete in the Bulgarian National Team, taking part in three World Championships and the Olympic Games in Montreal and Moscow

Coach and Consultant

  1. 1985-2000 Assistant coach in the Bulgarian Rowing Team
  2. 1991-1992 Head Coach of the Bulgarian Rowing Team
  3. From 1995 Expert in the Sport Performance Commission in Bulgarian Olympic Committee
  4. From 1996 Consultant in Training Methodology and Planning for the Bulgarian National Teams of Rowing, Canoeing and Biathlon
  5. From 1999 Head Coach of the Rowing Club of NSA, Sofia

Research areas

Biomechanics and Theory and Methodology of Sports Training

Scientific publications - articles and books

Author of thirty three research articles, three of them published abroad


Bulgarian, Russian, English

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