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Track-and-field club KLASA

Statute Sports calendar for 2006

Track-and-field athletics club to the Sports academy (KLASA)


Founded on 04.11.1991.


GOVERNING BODY with mandate 2002 – 2006

PRESIDENT of the club: Bojidar Mirchev Shishkov

BOARD OF MANAGERS consists of 7 members, as follows:

Apostol Nikolov Slavchev

Bojidar Mirchev Shishkov

Ganka Dimitrova Ivanova

Ognian Stoianov Miladinov

Petar Donchev Bonov

Paskal Paskalev Paskalev

Stanka Kaludova Milanova

INSPECTOR of the club: Stefan Georgiev Stoikov

In the first years of the democracy the students – active athletes of NSA, were put in unusual conditions: lack of resources for sport activities, cancellation of the sport scholarships, bad material bases and weak organization of the training process. It was important to overcome these negative trends and to create closer relations between the elite track-and-field athletics students and their colleagues specialists and teachers of the Track-and-field athletics department. That’s why occurred the idea to found a new students track-and-field athletics club. This way in 1991, at a meeting of the “Track-and-field athletics” department, led at this period by Prof. K.Jalov was set the date of the constituent assembly of a track-and-field athletics club to the National sports academy. The assembly was conducted on 4 November 1991. The first President of the club was Petar Bonov. The founders accepted unanimously the suggestion of the teacher Apostol Slavchev to name the club – KLASA.(Phonetic transcription of the "Track-and-field athletics club to the Sports Academy" abbreviation in bulgarian)

As a gift from fate, in honour of the foundation of the club, but mostly thanks to the great efforts and boldness of the rector of NSA Georgi Kaburov since 1992 the track-and-field athletics students of NSA are trained in the best indoors and outdoors material bases available in Bulgaria. The results came soon.

Nowadays KLASA really is the best track-and-field athletics team in Bulgaria and the best place for improving the professional skills of coaches and students - the athletes of NSA "Vassil Levski".
The club demonstrates vitality and slowly turns into a corner stone of the bulgarian athletics. The training process of the students athletes is taken care of by well known professional coaches, many of them former coaches in the Track-and-field athletics Department of the NSA. The main engine of the whole organization activity, the conducting and financing of the training of the teams is Assoc.Prof. Bojidar Shishkov - president of the club since 1994. A specialist in many different fields and former decathlonist, he is personal coach of many of the top long jumpers and sprinters. His collegues-coaches are Sofka Popova (sprint), Apostol Slavchev (sprint and hurdle-racing), Ognian Miladinov (jumping), Petar Bonov and chief assistant Ganka Ivanova (medium and long distance running), chief assistant Tania Milanova (throwing). Technical manager of the club is the experienced in track-and-field athletics Boris Stamboliiski, known to many generations of athletes as "bati Bobi" (phonetic transcription)

Today KLASA plays a significant role in the athletic sports in Bulgaria. The club finances the educational and training processes of 75-80 students-athletes of NSA. The athletes in blue and yellow outfits (the colors of KLASA) are always among the winners of national competitions and tourneys for men and women and youths. Since the foundation of the club in 1991 till the end of the summer athletic tournaments in 2004, the KLASA athletes have won the impressive 974 medals : 334 gold. 338 silver and 302 bronze medals. In 2005 KLASA expects the winning of its 1000-th medal from the Bulgarian tournaments.

The representative team (men) is the biggest homogeneous team in our country. The team is a leader in the competition for the team championship cup of Bulgaria, while being a constantly among the best the last 6 years. The women team of KLASA is also one of the best. From 1992 to 2004 the team is 12 times second, except for 2002 when the team wins 3rd place.

With the foundation of KLASA and the renewing of the material base of NSA the possibilities for improving the relations between  the specialists from the Track-and-fields Department and the Bulgarian Track-and-field Athletics Federation expanded. For some years now the BTAF (Bulgarian Track-and-field Athletics Federations) assigns the task of organizing the National Sports Calendar to the club. The Federation also helps a big part in the conducting the international track-and-field tournament of NSA "New Stars", which was held for the 26th consecutive time in 2004. Thanks to the cooperation with the BTAF teachers and coaches of the Track-and-field athletics department participate in the international initiatives of EAA and IAAF for development of the track-and-field athetics. Full.Prof. Petar Bonov is vice-president of the European association of track-and-field athletics coaches and thanks to his initiative the 28-th scientific congress in 2005 will be held on the 4th,5th and 6th of November in NSA.

Despite its short history, KLASA proved that this is a successful formula for the development of the track-and-field athletics in NSA. We, teachers, coaches and athletes of NSA and KLASA believe, that soon shall come the moment when our Club will overcome the difficulties and will finally find the necessary support and financial help to emerge on the big european athletic scene. The only thing that we can do for now is preserve the tradition of success, which will eventualy reach new higher sports dimensions!


According to the statute, the managing of KLASA is realized by the Managing Council, a President and a vice-President.
At the report and election General meeting of the club held on 21.12.2001 for the current mandate (2002-2006) of the Managing Council of KLASA the following people were elected: Apostol Nikolov Slavchev, Bojidar Mirchev Shishkov, Ganka Dimitrova Ivanova, Ognian Stoianov Miladinov, Petar DOnchev Bonov, Paskal Paskalev Paskalev and Stanka Kaludova Milanova. The general meeting unanimously chose Bojidar Mirchev Shishkov for President of the club and Stanka Kaludova Milanova for vice-President. Technical manager of the club is Boris Stamboliiski.


Since its foundation the Club and the Track-and-field athletics Department work in tight  cooperation. As mentioned before, the foundation of the track-and-field athletics Club in NSA is an initiative realized thanks to the efforts of the department`s team and the general purpose remains the same - to create better possibilities for cooperation and collaboration between the track-and-field athetics educational process and practice of teachers and students. Currently KLASA supports the Track-and-field athletics Department in the following directions:

  1. 1. The club is of great importance to the realization of one of the most important parts of the educational process - development of the sports skills of the track-and-field athletics students-specialists. This part of the education of the students is determined and regulated by statutes of sports development, accepted by the Department.
  2. 2. The conducting of the educational and training process in KLASA reveals many possibilities for the pedagogical practice of the students from III course and for the UMP and training probation for IV course students to be held on the NSA territory. This way students don`t have to travel from NSA too long to get to their sports clubs. The possibilities in this respect are even bigger if the organization of the youth track-and-field athletics training department was better. This way KLASA will completely answer the requirements of the educational and training process of students studying in the "Track-and-field athletics" Department in NSA.
  3. 3. KLASA realizes its educational and training activity on the material base of the "Track-and field athletics" Department, respectively of NSA. It is one of the best track-and field athletics bases in Bulgaria. Thanks to its activity KLASA won the trust of BTAF, which for several years now assigns to the club the task of organazing the national track-and field athletics competitions and as a result of that the stadiums of the Academy are equiped for the best conditions possible for conducting athletic tournaments. On the other hand the high quality realization of these competitions contribute to the prestige of the Academy  and helps popuralize this great university and its possibilities outside Bulgaria.

Much resources and care are needed in order to maintain the track-and-field athletics stadiums at the level required to conduct competitions there. KLASA also contributes much as a user as well as a host . Along these lines the Club seeks and finds opportunities and financial support to mainatin the athletic material base at the needed level.
4. The "Track-and-field athletics" Department is an initiator and organizer of the track-and-field athletics tournament of NSA. It has now over 26 years of history and since 1992 is called "New Stars". Since the foundation to nowadays KLASA participates actively in the tournament`s organization. The representatives of the club are essential to the realization of the programme of the tourney, which guarantees its existance and preservation of the tradition.

More information about KLASA can be found on its own website : КЛАСА.


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