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Rhythmics and dancing

Co-repetitioners -
Leader - Assoc. prof. Ph.D. Biser Grigorov

Teachers- Assoc. prof. Biser Grigorov, Ph.D. ; Assoc. prof. Zlatin Kostov, Ph.D.

The Teachers Faculty intramural students follow the Rhythm and Dance course during the 1-st and 2-nd semesters of their studies. The studies in the second semester are devoted to exercises on the teaching methods (TM) on Bulgarian traditional dances. Then the students apply the knowledge acquired during the 1-st semester by solving a minimum of three practical tasks:

  1. 1. First steps
  2. 2. Assimilation and improvement
  3. 3. Warming up
  4. 4. Revision

The requirements for the extramural TF students are the same as those for the intramural students. The sessions are during the 3-rd and 4-th semester and the acquired knowledge and skills are continuously assessed. The Coaches Faculty students, who also study for teaching qualification (C/T) and the KF students take this course in the 6-th semester for the Coach/Teacher qualification and in the 1-st semester for the Kinezitherapist qualification.


  1. 1. The Rhythm and Dance sessions are held in the Choreography Hall in the Indoor Sports Complex
  2. 2. The students are required to wear a training outfit
  3. 3. All students are required to buy The Rhythm and Dance Practice Manual available at the V. Levski NSA bookshop.


1. The Teachers Faculty students
The final result is formed on the basis of the mean value of the grades on the Teaching Methods practical tasks (theoretical part) and an examination on dancing practice.

2. The Kinezitherapy students:
The final result is based on the results from two tests on practice administered during the semester.

3. The Coaches Faculty students (Coach/Teacher):
The course is completed by a practical examination on the study material.

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