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Track-and-field athletics

Department leader - Full Prof. Marin Gadev, D.Sc.

Teachers- Full Prof. Apostol Slavchev, Ph.D.; Full Prof. Marin Gadev, D.Sc.; Full Prof. Ognjan Miladinov, D.Sc.; Assoc. prof. , Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. , Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. , Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. Jozef Brogli, Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. Julian Karabiberov, Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. Sofka Popova, Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. Valentin Filjov, Ph.D.; Chief assistant , Ph.D.; Chief assistant ; Chief assistant , Ph.D.; Assistant , Ph.D.; Assistant Ganka Ivanova; Dimitrinka Sholeva
Track-and-field athletics
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Distinguished coaches of NSA

Prof. Petar Bonov, DSc.

Track-and-field athletics coach of sport society Levski-Spartak since 1969.
Coach of the youth national team of short and middle distance running from 1971 to 1974.
Coach of the Olympic section women - short and middle distance running 1973 1980.
Coach for the physical preparation of the football club Levski-Spartak seasons 1976-77 and 1980/81.
Chief methodologist of physical preparation of the Bulgarian Football Federation, responsible for the national and club teams of Bulgaria 1979-1982.
Coach of the short and middle distance running teams of Sport society Academic 1983/85.
Head coach of the national short and middle distance running team 1986/90.
Coach of the short and middle distance running competitors of the sport club NSA-KLASA from 1992 till now.

Significant achievements in his whole sport-pedagogic activities as a coach:
- Svetla Zlateva in 1975/76 placed 6th in 800 m running event at the Montreal Olympic Games with an achievement of 1:57.21 min and the world record holder in 4 h 800 m in 1975
- Two fourth places at the Indoor European Championship: Ivanka Bonova, 800 m in 1976 and Nikolina Stereva, 1 500 m in 1985.
- National records of international value: in 1980 Nikolina Stereva 800 m and 1 500 m indoors 2:00.12 and 4:05.46 respectively; and in 1984 Rositsa Ekova 3 000 m outdoors 8:47.94.
- The second place at the 1990 European Championship (athletes up to age of 21): Sergei Mitov 800 m running.
- The twenty-seventh place in 800 m running at Sidney Olympic Games, 2000: Vancho Stoianov from Macedonia.
- The fifth place at the 2003 European Team Cup Championship: Dobrinka Shalamanova in 1 500 m running.
- Twenty four titles from Balkan Track-and-field athletics Games in the period 1972-2003 in the short and middle distance running.
- Once national champion as fitness football coach of the team of Levski-Spartak 1976/77.
- Two times winner of the National Cup, as a fitness football coach of the team of Levski-Spartak 1976/77 and 1980/81. 

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