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Track-and-field athletics

Department leader - Full Prof. Marin Gadev, D.Sc.

Teachers- Full Prof. Apostol Slavchev, Ph.D.; Full Prof. Julian Karabiberov, Ph.D.; Full Prof. Marin Gadev, D.Sc.; Full Prof. Ognjan Miladinov, D.Sc.; Assoc. prof. , Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. , Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. , Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. Jozef Brogli, Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. Sofka Popova, Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. Valentin Filjov, Ph.D.; Chief assistant ; Chief assistant , Ph.D.; Chief assistant , Ph.D.; Chief assistant , Ph.D.; Assistant , Ph.D.; Assistant , Ph.D.; Assistant Ganka Ivanova; Dimitrinka Sholeva
Track-and-field athletics
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Track-and-field athletics club to the Sports academy (KLASA)


Founded on 04.11.1991.


GOVERNING BODY with mandate 2002 – 2006

PRESIDENT of the club: Bojidar Mirchev Shishkov

BOARD OF MANAGERS consists of 7 members, as follows:

Apostol Nikolov Slavchev

Bojidar Mirchev Shishkov

Ganka Dimitrova Ivanova

Ognian Stoianov Miladinov

Petar Donchev Bonov

Paskal Paskalev Paskalev

Stanka Kaludova Milanova

INSPECTOR of the club: Stefan Georgiev Stoikov

In the first years of the democracy the students – active athletes of NSA, were put in unusual conditions: lack of resources for sport activities, cancellation of the sport scholarships, bad material bases and weak organization of the training process. It was important to overcome these negative trends and to create closer relations between the elite track-and-field athletics students and their colleagues specialists and teachers of the Track-and-field athletics department. That’s why occurred the idea to found a new students track-and-field athletics club. This way in 1991, at a meeting of the “Track-and-field athletics” department, led at this period by Prof. K.Jalov was set the date of the constituent assembly of a track-and-field athletics club to the National sports academy. The assembly was conducted on 4 November 1991. The first President of the club was Petar Bonov. The founders accepted unanimously the suggestion of the teacher Apostol Slavchev to name the club – KLASA.

More information for the club can be found HERE or on the site of KLASA.

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