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Teachers- Chief assistant Mihail Otzetov, Ph.D.


The speciality "Archery" is introduced in the NSA in 1985.

The first part-time lecturer was Todor Lazarow and the first full-time teacher was Luna Doskova. In 1992 a new competition for a regular jod as a lecturer was announced and was won by Mihail Otzetov.

The first section was founded by Todor Lazarov in Veliko Tarnovo in 1978. The same year a demonstrative competition was conducted.

The archery was officialy recognized as a sport in 1979,  when the republican committee of the Bulgarian Archery Sports Federation was founded. In May 1980 the first course for social coaches. The same year Bulgaria was accepted as a member of the International Archery Federation.  
Our first participation was in the XXII Olympic games in 1980 Moscow. Our two representatives were Petio Kishev and Tzvetanka Stoicheva.

In 1983 an independent Bulgarian Archery Federation was differentiated. (BAF).

Danliel Pavlov won a gold medal in 1985 on 50m and a bronze medal in the finals during the European tournament in France .

During the European tournament in 1994 Ivan Iotov wins the prestigious 2nd place.

Durging the World Archery Tournament in France the bulgarian national team - Ivan Iotov, Iavor Hristov and Plamen Petrov won the second place.

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