Full Prof. Reni Damjanova, D.Sc.

Faculty of Sport
Theory of sport training
Stud. grad: (02) 4014(376)

Education and career

  1. 1959 - 1967 Primary school # 91 in Sofia Result: Excellent
  2. 1967 - 1970 High school Secondary School #21Hristo Botev in Sofia Result: Excellent: 5.65 High School Certificate # 4661/1.07.1970
  3. 1970 - 1975 The Higher Institute of Physical Education George Dimitrov (The National Sports Academy Vasil Levski at present) Sofia, Bulgaria.
    Graduated the Physical Education with Summa cum Laudi
    Special subject: Curative Physical Culture (Kinesiology at present)
  4. Qualification: Physical Therapy (Kinesiology at present) and Physical Education teacher with Summa cum Laudi. Result: Average Excellent -5.75 (State Examinations Excellent - 5.50 and Teaching Practice Excellent - 6.00). Diploma in Higher Education S. Ab # 014202, Reg. # 4814 Sofia 1975.
  5. 1976 - 1979 after winning a competition completed a 3 years post graduation Doctors Degree Course.
  6. 1976 - A two month intensive post graduation course on Theory of Probabilities and Mathematical Statistics with Diploma # 70/29.04.1976
  7. 1983 - Defended a Dissertation on: Cinematic and Dynamic Analysis of motions in Men Crawl Strokes with Tutors
    Prof. Kliment Boichev and reviewers Prof. S. Morov and Assoc. Prof. T. Rachev. Awarded by the Higher Attestation Committee with the Science Degree of Ph.D. - Diploma #12769/Sofia17.06.1983.
  8. 1989 - Completed a course on Functional Diagnostics in High Sports Performance at the Higher Institute of Physical Education with a Certificate # 212/24.03.1989.
  9. 1989 - Attended an International Exchange of Experience Program in the Field of Sport and Culture in Delhi India - one month.
  10. 1992 - Completed a course on Application of the Multi-Factor Experiment in Science research at the Federation of the Science and Technology Unions with a Certificate # 97/5.061996 issued by the Study center at the same Federation.
  11. 1999 - Completed a course on China medicine and massage with Summa cum Laudi. The Certificate # 2773/17.05 1999 is issued by the National Sports Academy, Center for Post graduated study
  12. 2001 - As a Member of the R&A St. Andrews Trust attended the Future of Golf Conference, ASU Phinix, AZ,USA and started the first of its kind Lectures Golf Course at the National Sports Academy, Bulgaria
  13. 2005 - Attended the Referee School of R&A Rules Limited. R&A Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK


  1. 1973 - Students Teaching Practice teaching classes in swimming and movement games at the Physical Education School (EPEF) in Havana, Cuba, as part of the International Students Exchange project for 4 months. Methodological assistance in developing the first Teaching Programs for the Higher Institute of Sport in Cuba (ESEF).
  2. 1974 - 1975 Republican Center of Sport Medicine, Sofia
    Type of Company: Exclusive Representative of the National Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation of Top-level sport participant and coordinator of all regional Offices for Curative Physical Culture (schools age rehabilitation).
    Position: Chief of Regional Office in Sofia.
    Responsibilities: Inspector for the Schools Rehabilitation Programs, performing groups for rehabilitation of 2-nd and 3-rd degree vertebral distortion (before and after medical intervention), running courses for losing weight, performing regional analysis and reports about the health and physical skills of children in all school levels.
  3. 1976 - Contributed with her research to the activity of the Specialized Swimming Laboratory at the Center of Applied Research in the field of Sports working for the control on the training process of the National and Olympic Teams in Bulgaria.
    An assistant on Basics of Science Research at the Higher Institute of Physical Culture teaching students of all special courses at all Faculties.
  4. 1979 - The Higher Institute of Physical Education George Dimitrov (The National Sports Academy Wasil Levski at present) Sofia, Bulgaria.
    Type of Company:
    After winning a competition appointed as a science research worker, 3-rd degree, at the Chair of Science Fundaments of Sport Training at the Higher Institute of Physical Culture.
  5. 1981 - Promoted to a 2-nd degree science worker being at the same time coworker at the Specialized Laboratory of Ergomechanics at the Center of Applied Science Research, responsible for the information from the control of the training process with all National and Olympic Teams.
  6. 1983 - Promoted as a 1-st degree science research worker.
  7. 1984 - One of the initiators, organizers and participants in the Olympic Solidarity Program of International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Bulgarian Olympic Committee (BOC). Awarded personally by Mr. A. Samaranch - President of IOC and Mr. I. Slavkov - President of BOC with a Certificate for the participation at the Program - Application of Computer Technology in Sport.
  8. 1987 - After winning a competition appointed as a Chief Assistant at the Sport Statistics Section in the Chair of Science Fundaments of Sports Training at the Higher Institute of Physical Culture.
  9. 1989 - Lecturer in the Theory of Training Process in top level sport at the Technical University - Delhi, India and the State University of India, Delhi for a month.
  10. 1991 - Appointed as Associate Professor at the Chair of Theory of Sports Training at the National Sports Academy.
  11. Since 1978 has read lectures and seminars in courses on Research Methods in Training Process and Applied Statistics in Sports to students of Physical Education, Physical Therapy (movement therapy) and Coaching in the Bachelors and Masters degree levels.
    Tutor and Science consultant of student research and diploma projects in the field mentioned above.
    Member of the State Examining Committee at the National Sports Academy for students graduation in Physical Education, Coaching and Physical therapy.
    Participation in many Science Conferences on International and National level in Greece, France, Poland, USA, Germany, Macedonian, Bulgaria and etc.
    Published works on Biomechanics of Sport, Measurement, Control and Evaluation of Training process in high level sport - Swimming, Athletic, Snowboarding, Skiing, Golf.
  12. Organizes and conducts in 2001/02 the first specialized Golf Lecture Courses (eligible) in Bulgaria for Bachelors Degree from the Training and the Physical Education Faculties and for Masters of Sport Animation Degree at NSA.
  13. Initiated the First Bulgarian Students Open Golf Tour in 2002/03
  14. Deputy Manager of the Department - Sports Theory and Head of Golf Section to the Department -Football, Tennis at NSA.

    Good at teamwork working with large research teams in different fields of science, coordinator of research teams in the field of Information in the Training process - Top Level Sport.

    High teaching abilities with Students from all Faculties and Degree Levels.

    Excellent relation with senior and junior Academic staff.

    Computer and Internet skills - MS Office97 (Word, Excel, Internet Explorer 4.0) and SPSS (statistics).

Sports activity

  1. 1958-69 Swimming - Candidate Master of Sport (CMS).
    Bulgarian National Swimming champion in 100 and 4x100 Medley Relay for Women (1968), 200m Butterfly Women (1969) and etc.
  2. Other sports as a team member of: Water skiing, the first National Weightlifting Team Women, Golf, Tennis, Skiing and etc.
  3. Sport Referee - Member of the National and City Referee Commission at the Bulgarian skiing and Snowboard Federation; Member of the City Referee Commission at the Swimming Federation as well as National Referee Commission at the Bulgarian Golf Association.
  4. Member of the Scientific Golf Trust of R& A St. Andrews, Scotland, UK since 2001.


  1. Social activities - Member of different Unions: The Democratic Forces, one of the Founders of the Republican Party in Bulgaria, Member of the Bulgarian Women Committee and Member of the Auditors Commission at the Academic Union; Elected Secretary of the Bulgarian Golf Association
  2. Member of the Libraries at the United States and German Cultural Centers;
  3. Meeting people of different nationalities, cultures and history
  4. Theory and practice of the Global Community ;
  5. Visiting picture galleries and memorials, classical, jazz and country music and folklore dance festivals ;


  • Mother tongue - Bulgarian
  • Russian - reading, speaking and writing skills
  • German - speaking, reading and writing skills
  • English - reading, writing and speaking skills
  • Spanish - speaking and reading skills

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