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Full Prof. Vladimir Bojanov, D.Sc.

Faculty of Sport
Heavy athletics, boxing, fencing and sport for all
Heavy athletics
Stud. grad: (02) 4014(248) / room 210
Mobile: 0893396484, 0898776619

Associate professor Dr. Vladimir Boyanov Boyanov is Head of the Department of Heavy athletics, boxing and fencing and also Head of the Section of Body building at the National Sports Academy Sofia. Being a full time lecturer at the Academy he gives lectures to students (Bachelors degree and Masters degree) on body building, fitness - body building, weightlifting, power lifting and power training. He is organizer in charge of all official courses for instructors in body building and fitness in Bulgaria.

Vladimir Boyanov is one of the founders of the Commission of Body building at the Bulgarian Federation of Body building and power lifting. From 1993 to 1995 he was its president as well.

He is author of more that hundred research and popular publications concerning the modern problems of the disciplines he teaches, which are very popular in all circles of sports society. He has taken part successfully in many scientific congresses and symposiums including for world congresses.

1989 he became a doctor with a dissertation concerning the research complicated relationships between the power and aerobic component in the whole body building methodology. In 1993 he became an associate professor at the National Sports Academy Sofia.

Associate professor Dr. Vladimir Boyanov is the author of three monographic works: Body Building (1991); Body Building Power, Harmony, Symmetry (1994); Encyclopedia of Body Building Principles and Methodas (1999), concerning the various problems of body building and fitness training. A characteristic feature of the scientific works of Boyanov is his striving for every actual problem to be researched in the didactic progression giving the opportunity not only for the beginners fitness amateurs to take the best for themselves, to the advanced and elite sports people to profit aswell.

A proof of the great interest in accepting of his articles and books among specialists and amateurs in body building in Bulgaria is, that his second wide spectrum book Body Building Power, Harmony, Symmetry has been classified on the 7-th place among the most sold books in Bulgaria in 1994. The Encyclopedia of Body Building Principles and Methodas within two months has had two editions. The author intends to publish the new revised editions of them soon.

As a lecturer and research worker Dr. Vladimir Boyanov does research and experiments in all fields of body building methodology. The main objective in his almost 30 years scientific research and in his work as a lecturer is bringing the problems of individual training, the special body building principles and methodas on a contemporary scientific level, promoting body building as a way of life in the world today.

Associate professor Dr. Vladimir Boyanov is an acknowledged body building and fitness referee. In the period 1990-1995 he was the President of the College of Referees at the Bulgarian Body Building Federation and Power Lifting. As a referee on the Balkan Championships in Belgrad, Sofia and Istambul he has been very successful.

From 2002 to that moment he is an official member of the technical committee of the European federation of bodybuilding and fitness EFBBF.

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