Full Prof. Eleonora Mileva, D.Sc.

Faculty of Pedagogy
Psychology, pedagogics and sociology
Stud. grad: (02) 4014(275)

Education and career

Graduation at Sofia University in 1990; Specialization in German Sports University - Cologne (1992 and 1994); Doctors degree since 1998, Theme Aesthetic and commercial dimensions of sports competition.

Pedagogical activity

Lecturer in Sports Pedagogy . Lecturer in masters degree courses: Basic positions of Sports Pedagogy, Alternative pedagogical models for sports activity, Ethical and aesthetical dimensions of sport, Aesthetic and commercialization in sport, Special Pedagogy and Didactic, Sport and mass-media.

Science interests

Relationships between ethical, aesthetical and commercial dimensions of contemporary sport; Pedagogy of sport as science - origin, development and place in sports sciences; State and tendencies in sports education; Motivation and adaptation of sports students for teaching/learning activity, learning styles and personality types; Methods of pedagogical interaction; Pedagogical aspects of sport in leisure time; Adapted physical activity and education.

Publications, books, guidances

Above 70 articles in Bulgarian and foreigner scientific reviews. Participations in congresses of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS), FIEP, many international conferences and symposiums in sports sciences. Mileva, E., Vision and mission of aesthetic and commercial in sports, Sofia, 2001. 120 p. (in Bulgarian). Mileva, E., Aesthetic and business in sports, Sofia, NSA, 2000, (in Bulgarian). Mileva, E., Handbook for seminars in General Pedagogy and Didactic, Sofia, 2002 (in Bulgarian). Todorov, A., E. Mileva, Pedagogy of sports as a science, Sofia, NSA, 2001 (in Bulgarian).

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