Full Prof. Rositza Tzarova, Ph.D.

Faculty of Pedagogy
Basketball, volley-ball, handball
Stud. grad: (02) 4014(267)
Mobile: 0898 77 66 17

Education and career

Pedagogical activity

1966, graduated from the V. Aprilov Secondary School in Gabrovo, a class of intensive mathematics studies;
1970, graduated from the G. Dimitrov Higher Institute of Physical Culture, majoring in physical education and curative physical culture (kinezitherapy now).
After graduation, a specialist on coaching methods at the Regional Council of the Bulgarian Union of Physical Culture and Sport in Gabrovo for on year;
1971 1975, a post-graduate student at theG. Dimitrov Higher Institute of Physical Culture working on her Ph.D. thesis on basketball;
1975-76 school year, a teacher of pedagogy, organization of physical culture and volleyball at the Secondary Sports School in Pravetz;
Since 1976, a teacher at the V. Levski NSA;
1981, defended her Ph.D. thesis and in 1989 was a elected as Associate Professor I basketball;
Active research worker at the Department and the Academy;
Managed the Students Research Circle in Basketball;
Director of Study of the Students Creative Research Club at the Academy;
Director of studies of a number of B.A. and M.A. course and diploma works and Ph.D. theses;
Active worker the Bulgarian Federation of Basketball: a member of the Research Committee, President of the License Committee and currently, Secretary of the Committee for Growing-Ups;
Science interests in issues of optimization and control on sports training of growing-ups and high sports performers in basketball;
Member of the V. Levski NSA Academic Council (a third mandate);
Member of the Teachers Faculty Council and executive Head of the Basketball, Volleyball and Handball Department.

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