Fifth International Scientific Conference Sport and Security

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Abstract submission deadline extended to 2 April!

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Fifth International Scientific Conference, 21-22 May 2018



On 21-22 May 2018, the National Sports Academy will organize the Fifth edition of the Regional Scientific and Practical Conference "Sports and Security". The conference aims at bringing together scientific knowledge achieved by national and international scientific community in the field of security in sports, and to conduct professional discussions on current policies of national and international organizations responsible for prevention and protection of security in sports. The topics that will be presented and discussed at the conference are among the current topics related to sports and the various aspects of security – social, psychological, organizational and educational measures to ensure public order and security in sport, effective counteraction to terrorist threats to sporting events, anti-hooliganism and racism in sport, anti-doping measures, coping techniques and personal security, etc. We expect active and valuable contribution of all who have scientific and practical interest in this topic.

Chairman of the conference

Prof. Tatiana Iancheva, DSc

Terms of participation:

Participants in the conference are researchers or practitioners wishing to present their scientific results or useful practical experience in sports safety through oral or poster presentations.

The scientific papers will be published in the printed edition.

Proceedings and abstracts of scientific-practical conference "Sport and Security" 21-22 May 2018 and will be sent for indexing/referral of scientific databases.

Registration of the participants:

The participants submit a registration form with an abstract and pay a participation fee in the cashier of the NSA "Vassil Levski".

Participation fee - 40 BGN / 20 EUR

Students or PhD students - 20 BGN/ 10 EUR

· Each participant can participate in no more than 2 scientific papers.

Important dates

23 March 2018 – Deadline for submitting registration forms with an abstract

20 April 2018 – Deadline for submitting full texts.

· The Proceeding book will be available on the day of the conference to all registered participants who have paid a registration fee.

30 April 2018 – Deadline for payment of participation fee with scientific papers. If the participant does not want the paper to be published, a payment may also be made on the day of the conference.

IMPORTANT! All participants who wish to participate in the conference without publication and presentation of a scientific paper can make registration as indicated on the form that will participate in the conference without scientific publication until 20 April 2018. 


The scientific paper should be formatted as follows:

1. Title page

2. Abstract in English language.

3. Keywords

4. Main text. (Introduction, methodology, results, conclusion)

5. References

The text should be written in Word, Times New Roman font size 12 pt. Text spacing 1.5. The sides of the text should be aligned. Pages must be numbered, as the maximum allowed pages is 8 (eight).

Requirements for the title page:

Title in English.

Author's - Name, Surname, Institution, e-mail (only for the contact author)

Requirements for the abstract:

Abstracts should be in English

Do not exceed 300 words

To include: aim, methodology, results, conclusion.

Citation requirements:

The cited authors are presented in one of the following ways:

Author's surname and year of publication (e.g., Adams, 2006)

Both surnames of the two authors and year of publication (ex. Adams, Brown, 2006)

When there are more than three authors, it is typed the surname of the first author and year of publication (ex. Adams et al., 2006)

Tables and figures are noted in the text with small braces - e.g. (Table 2), (Figure 3).

Requirements for tables and figures:

- For more complex drawings, paintings and photographs can be used Corel Draw and Photoshop (also black and white).

- The number and the text of the table is positioned above the table, and below the figures.

- All tables and figures should be placed in the text.


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