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Masters degree program "YOUTH ACTIVITIES AND SPORT"

Masters Programme Youth Activities and Sport

Faculty of Pedagogy

National Sports Academy

The only one educational programme in Bulgaria for the preparation of specialists in the area of youth activities and sport.

The educational period for full-time students, according to the curriculum, is 1 year (2 semesters) with 60 ECTS.

Educational mission:

Ø  possibility for professional education of specialists for the public administration - the departments of youth activities and sport;

Ø   qualification of personnel in the non-governmental field - for academic development;

Ø  education of professionals in the area of non-formal education.

Main skills and competencies:

Ø  Work in national and international teams

Ø  Preparation and analysis of normative documents

Ø  Insurance and management of information

Ø  Development of ideas, projects and scientific data

Ø  Organization and management of project activities

Ø  Interrelation between different state, private, public and non-governmental youth organizations

Professional realization of students

Graduates can:

-           work as government employees;

-           occupy managerial and expert positions in public administration and in  organizations for public services;

-           work for private business and for non-profit organizations;

-           work for national and international organizations;

-           leaders, experts, consultants and trainers in project management of physical education and sports for young people.

Types of Modules in the Programme:

*       Compulsory modules (27 ECTS) providing students  fundamental preparation

*       Optional modules (14 ECTS) offering specialization in professional education

*       Elective modules (4 ECTS) practical training activities 

*       Graduation (15 ECTS) state exam or diploma research work

Teaching methods: work in small groups; discussion and debates; brainstorming;  role games;  work under supervision; multimedia presentations; self-preparation work;  students share experiences and learn skills to work in real working environment

Forms of education: full-time, part-time, distance learning

Language: Bulgarian, English

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