Admission of foreign students


Vassil Levski

Sofia, Bilgaria

The National Sports Academy offers programmes in three academic degrees

- Bachelor

4-year programmes /full-time studies/ -240 ECTS

- Master

1-2 year programmes after the Bachelors degree min. 60 ECTS

- Doctor

3-year programmes after the Masters degree

The National Sports Academy provides fundamental education in bachelors degree in the following fields:

- Sport


Coach (in 54 types of sports)

Sports Manager

Sports Animator

Sports Commentator

Coach in Adapted Physical Activity and Sport

- Physical Education


Teacher in Physical Education

- Public Health




The NSA applies the European Credit Transfer System ECTS



The following documents must be submitted to the Student Affairs Department:

A certified translation of applicants diploma for secondary education;

A document certifying that the high school diploma entitling him to study at university

A medical certificate issued not earlier than a month before the application procedure and validated by the respective authorities in the applicants country;

The Diploma and the medical certificate must be legalized, translated into Bulgarian and validated in accordance with the provisions contained in the intergovernmental agreements between the Republic of Bulgaria and the country in which these documents were issued. If no such agreements exist, the documents be legalized, translated and validated according to the standard procedure for the legalization, translation and validation of documents and other official papers (apostil);

4 recent photographs.

Application form including a brief CV and specifying the degree programme which is being applied for;

Applicants submit their documents not later than 20 September of the respective academic year for which they are applying.

- Foreign students who dont speak Bulgarian are provided with opportunities for intensive preparation at the Department for Language Education and Information Technologies against payment. They can learn Bulgarian during their first year of studies against 3200. Afterwards, EU citizens can apply for admittance under the conditions determined for Bulgarian citizens.

- Non-EU foreign citizens follow a language preparation year and study in Bachelors or Masters degree programme against payment. The tuition fee is 3200 per year. They submit the above-mentioned set of documents as their last educational degree has to receive official recognition by the respective authorities at the Ministry of Education and Science.

- NSA offers paid undergraduate and graduate programmes in English, provided that it has formed a group of at least 6 people in the programme. The tuition fee per year is 4,000.

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