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Teachers- Full Prof. Dimitar Mihajlov, Ph.D. ; Assoc. prof. , Ph.D. ; Assoc. prof. Georgi Bojilov, Ph.D. ; Assoc. prof. Stefan Dimitrov ; Chief assistant , Ph.D.
Teachers- Assoc. prof. Penka Dimitrova, Ph.D.

Coaches Sportsmen

Distinguished bulgarian volleyball players, graduates of the National Sports Academy

The bulgarian national volleyball team participating in the first world championship in Prague in 1949, where Bulgaria wins the 3rd place. From left to right : K.Shopov, B.Giuderov, G.Komatov, T. Simov, St.Kardjiev and M.Dimitrov. B.Giuderov and T.Simov are graduates of NSA.

The bulgarian national volleyball team - world vice-champion in 1970. Left to right: D.Karov, K.Metodiev, Tz.Pavlov, Al.Trenev, Zdr.Simeonov, St.Stoev, St.Kraichev, L.Stoianov, K.Slavov, Br.Iliev, D.Slatanov. B.Simov. Dimitar Karov and Dimitar Zlatanov are graduates of NSA.

In the world championship in Sofia in 1970 the graduates of NSA Dimitar Karov and Dimitar Zlatarov (to the left) are regarded as two of the first three best volleyball players in the world. Zlatarov is announced the best forward player, Karov is second distributor (first is the Nekoda from Japan). Coach of the national team at the time is Dimitar Gigov, a pedagogue for many years in NSA, chosen for coach of the century in Bulgaria 30 years later.

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