On 29th of October 2013, prof. Daniela Dasheva and ass. Prof. Stefka Djobova from the National Sports Academy attended the VSPORT+ Reporting Seminar organised in Rome (Italy).

The Seminar chaired by EOSE was attended by the 12 National Ambassadors involved in the project and gave the opportunity to discuss progress made in VSPORT+ project which is now reaching its final phase and to exchange on dissemination activities carried out during the last 12 months at the International, European, national and local level.

Following an introduction of the overall work plan, each Ambassador reported on the activities they have been leading in their own countries. These have brought together all the main stakeholders in the sport and active leisure sector to present and discuss the innovative 7 Step Model which has been developed by EOSE as a tool for the sector to use to modernise its vocational education and training and to ensure it meets the needs of a growing workforce of paid staff and volunteers.

Interest in the 7 Steps Model has been high and its value as a tool to help the Sector address the challenges arising from the implementation of the European Qualifications Framework at national level in the sport sector, has been widely recognised.

There was a rich debate which gave the opportunity to share national good practice but also to raise common issues and challenges for the sector. It was unanimously agreed by the Consortium the need to explore opportunities to further collaborate and pursue such dissemination activities after the end of the project to continue raising awareness about the 7 steps models and its expected benefits, but also to encourage the use of the model to improve the link between the worlds of employment and education.  

Each Ambassador is now preparing a detailed National Report describing the activities implemented as part of the project, presenting the feedback they received from stakeholders and identifying the benefits and obstacles to the use of the 7 Steps Model in their country. This information will be invaluable in improving and developing the 7 Steps Model further. The Reports will also highlight changes in the National Sport and Education systems in each country and should provide a rich resource for further work at a national level.

The climax of the project will be the Final Conference to be organised on 24th and 25th of February 2014 in Wembley Stadium (London, UK) and further information will be available soon on the website of the project www.vsportplus.eu.

VSPORT+ is the working title of “A cross-sectoral Valorisation Framework for the Lifelong Learning Strategy in Sport” and is a 29 months project funded by the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Program Key Activity “Dissemination and Exploitation of Results”. The projected has started in November 2011 and will finish at the end of March 2014.

Further information about the 7 steps model can be found through the VSPORT Brochure.

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